Graceful Shark

Size: average 1.70 meter (5.6 ft.);

Depth: 50 meters (160 ft.) or shallower

Habitat: tropical Indopacific

Diet: Mainly Bony fish and some crustaceans & cephalopods

Reproduction: Viviparous, gestation period 9-10 months, 3-9 pups

Sexual maturity: around 1.1-1.2 meter (3.6-3.9 ft.); around 6-8 years of age


Thresher Shark

Size: average 6.0 meter (20 ft.);

Depth: 500 meters (1,600 ft.) or shallower

Habitat: North America, Asia, Northern Pacific, continental shelves, open ocean

Diet: Pelagic schooling fish, squid, cuttlefish, crustacea & occasionally sea birds

Reproduction: Ovoviviparous, gestation period 10-12 months, 2-4 pups

Sexual maturity: around 3.0 meter (10 ft.); around 13-14 years of age


BRUV 2017

From March 7-14, 2017, a team of 5 researchers from Stanford and Harvard Universities, in partnership with Fish'n Fins dive operation and the Micronesian Shark Foundation conducted a pilot study to assess different methods for administering a census of pelagic sharks in the waters of Palau.

In 7 days they conducted 11 BRUV (Baited Remote Underwater Video), 114 eDNA samples, 15 dive surveys and 42 isotope samples.

The following video footage is an excerpt of 11 BRUV sessions.


BRUV 2014

Palau's oceans are very rich and invite to monitor all kinds of fish and of course sharks.

We would like to share our Shark Bait Cam 2014 video with you.

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